The Vegan Food Group

VFG believe in making uncompromising vegan food accessible to everyone, everywhere at every mealtime. VFG’s mission is to encourage consumers to make informed food choices and advocate for a more sustainable and ethical food industry.

Plant Alternative

Our vision at SHICKEN is very simple, we want to offer plant- based vegan alternatives for every day favourite meat based foods. We developed our unique [SHICKEN] pieces, to allow more and more people to enjoy a plant-based diet without sacrificing taste, texture and most importantly the enjoyment of eating our food

Mummy Meegz

Mummy Meegz is on a mission to make mind-blowing M!lk Choc swaps that are kinder to animals and the planet. Many years of development and hard work have culminated in the launch of Vegan swaps for Lindt Lindor Balls, Cadbury Mini Eggs & M&M’s

Mighty Pea

Mighty Pea

Mighty Pea, is a smooth and creamy, dairy-free alternative to milk, made from yellow split peas. It contains more protein and calcium than regular plant milk and split peas are a sustainable solution.


GROUNDED® make 100% natural sustainably packaged plant-based protein m*lkshakes. They have ambitious plans to innovate in & disrupt the wider functional f&b space with only natural, plant-based ingredients.


OGGS® are on a mission to remove unnecessary egg from our food chain with delicious plant-based eggs and sweet treats that give chickens the week off and produce less CO2e.


The UK’s first vegan pizzeria, serving plant-based versions of classic Italian dishes. We’ve invested in the new cheese factory developing plant-based mozzarella for the retail market.

One Planet Pizza

The UK’s first and leading frozen vegan pizza company. Disrupting the pizza sector by making delicious award winning “pizzzas with purpose” that are better for you, the planet and the animals we share the world with.

Native Snacks

Native Snacks is on a mission to change snacking for good by creating plant-based alternatives to street food snack classics that are known and loved around the world.


Andy and Pete make plant-based chicken and bacon which is ridiculously high in protein.


Hooked develops, sells and markets delicious & healthy plant-based seafood to foodservice and grocery. Their first two products are Toona and Salmoon that are perfect to use in a wide variety of dishes like salads, wraps, sushi, sandwiches, bowls, tacos and pasta.

The Pack

THE PACK is a food technology company on a mission to cook-up delicious, drool-inducing plant-based meals for every dog-bowl in the world. A kind that’s better for dogs, and their planet too.

Better Dairy

Dairy production is currently hugely unsustainable and also highly inefficient. At Better Dairy we are using yeast fermentation to produce the same cheeses, yoghurts, ice creams that customers currently enjoy without having to use animals.


It may sound crazy, but they make real honey without bees.

Fellow Creatures

Ethical plant-based chocolate without the dairy.

Super Vegan

Vegan chocolate brand from Brazil.


The plant-based Benelux distributor.

Mister Free'd

Gluten-free and vegan tortilla chips.

Plant Based News

Plant Based News is a mission led, multi-award-winning resource creating awareness about ethical consumerism, sustainability and the plant-based lifestyle.


Vevolution is the leading investment marketplace for plant-based, cellular agriculture, and startups building a kinder future. Since 2021 more than 35 companies have secured funding with Vevolution’s global community of investors.”

Jam 'N' Vegan

Jam ‘N’ Vegan develop culture saturated Pre- prepared Frozen meals.
Inspired by Kyle’s Backpacking ventures around the World. Their aim is
To bring the best of the worlds flavours/ culture to our tables.


Libre® is on a mission to reinvent meat as we know it by working with the brilliance of fungi. They are launching Libre Bacon, the first ever mushroom-based bacon, and developing Libre Steak and Libre Chicken, the two first products of their mycelium-based product line.

Kale United

We enable the shift to plant-based foods through investment, ownership and management of plant-based businesses.

The most effective investment to
reduce the carbon footprint is to invest in the transition to plant-based food. The mission of Kale United is to maximize climate benefit with a good portfolio return.


Nutropy is on a mission to create a sustainable way to eat dairy products. As cheese lovers and French citizens, we want to eat delicious gourmet cheese with a lighter conscience, in the respect of our convictions regarding animal welfare.


Our growing list of investments include these plant-based businesses: