Pitch Guidance

As our portfolio has grown over the last 4 years, we have decided to halt deploying capital for the time being to focus on helping our current investments grow and create lasting impact. If you would like to submit a pitch to be logged on our system, so that we may revisit it when we begin deploying capital again, or for when you raise your next round, please do so by following the ‘Submit Your Pitch’ button at the bottom of the page.

1. Vision – Explain your aims and values. Who? What? Why? How?

2. Problem and Opportunity – Identify the market gap and addressable market, supported by market data. Why does the world need your product or service and how is the product or service replacing animals in the food chain?

3. Solution – How is your product or service solving the problem?

4. Competition and Competitive Advantage – Show knowledge of where competitors are and why they are insufficient to your product or service such that you can take market share. What is your USP? Have you secured key Intellectual Property rights?  What is the market size? Are you competing with animal-based products?

5. Customer and Route to Market – Show understanding of who you will sell to (target market), how you will sell to them (route to market), and what challenges the customer faces/what influences them to buy.

6. Marketing plan – What are your existing and planned marketing channels (paid search, social media, trade shows, email marketing etc)? What successes have you had? What PR will you be employing? What is your customer acquisition cost?

7. Business Model and Traction – Show how you will make the business profitable, what you have achieved to date, what adjustments you have made based on this traction, detail unit economics, lifetime value of a customer, current burn rate, and support with market data.

8. Team – List your team members to support that your company has the skillset and experience to execute the business plan (or identify the gap that will be filled with the fundraise). Are there any existing investors that are advisors or strategic partners that support the business?

9. The Promise – What is the outcome for the investor? What is the roadmap to that outcome? What is your exit strategy?

10. The Ask – How much are you raising, at what valuation, what is the timing of this raise, and what will the funds be used for? Will further rounds be needed based on your business plan? If this is not your first raise, explain your investment journey to date.

Please note that at this stage, we are not considering businesses in the restaurant, fashion, cleaning products, travel, skincare & cosmetics sectors.

Please also try to keep your decks concise (10-15 slides) as we receive a large number of proposals. We look forward to hearing from you!