Animal agriculture is a leading driver of climate change, deforestation, loss of biodiversity and species extinction, as well as being a significant cause of pollution.

Western diets are typically heavy in meat, eggs and dairy but animal products are known to be responsible for public health crises worldwide.

And, most animals reared for meat, milk and eggs are factory farmed. They live out their lives crammed inside sheds or vast warehouses, with nothing to occupy their minds and without individual care. Billions die before they even reach slaughter age, out of sight and out of our minds. At the same time, the inefficiencies of animal agriculture threaten our long-term ability to feed a rapidly growing global population.

Fixing this broken system poses the most vital economic and ethical imperative of our time, whilst providing a huge business opportunity. The meat, dairy, egg, and seafood sectors represent a trillion-dollar global market that is ripe for innovation and large-scale disruption.

As a result, we provide Angel, Seed and Series A funding to early-stage companies with the potential to transform the broken food system.

All profits made will be donated to effective UK and European charities that are raising awareness of farmed animal suffering and the environmental impact of animal agriculture, or are working to promote plant-based eating.

Areas we invest:

Food Tech

Innovative forms of production with protectable IP.


Plant-based replacements for meat, dairy, eggs, or seafood.

Cultivated Meat

Advanced fermentation and tissue engineering to produce animal products from the cellular level.


Distribution and systems that increase consumer access to vegan products.


The team at Veg Capital are developing extensive business networks in the international plant-based scene, as well as the wider food and investment sectors.

The founders we invest in will benefit from these connections and become part of the thriving community of plant-based innovators. We can make you more visible to the right people!

When the timing is right, we hope to arrange networking sessions, seminars and social occasions so founders can learn from each other and collaborate.

We also intend to arrange pavilions at relevant trade shows so we can share the cost of expanding into new markets overseas.

Prioritising People

Like other investors, we do not just invest in your company; we invest in you and your team. Yet how many investors actively support the wellbeing of the people who are the driving force behind the start-ups they are backing?

Veg Capital looks to challenge the status quo when it comes to this area of mental health and wellbeing. We understand that the start-up journey is filled with ups and downs and enormous pressure at times (even before the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic).

According to recent research:

  • Nine out of 10 founders reported signs of mental health strain
  • 66% of founders reported symptoms at clinically significant frequency rates
  • Founders are three times higher than the UK average to experience depression and anxiety
  • 96% of founders reported a work-related physical or mental distress

We choose not to ignore these staggering statistics. As part of our investment, we offer quarterly wellbeing check-ins with founders to have open and honest conversations about your health and wellbeing and to explore support options that could reduce increasing stress levels and avoid burnout.