Our growing list of investments include these plant-based businesses:

Mighty Pea M.lk

Mighty Pea

Mighty Pea M.lk, is a smooth and creamy, dairy-free alternative to milk, made from yellow split peas. It contains more protein and calcium than regular plant milk and split peas are a sustainable solution.


GROUNDED® make 100% natural sustainably packaged plant-based protein m*lkshakes. They have ambitious plans to innovate in & disrupt the wider functional f&b space with only natural, plant-based ingredients.


The UK’s leading 100% vegan online supermarket and vegan subscription service.


The UK’s first vegan pizzeria, serving plant-based versions of classic Italian dishes. We’ve invested in the new cheese factory developing plant-based mozzarella for the retail market.


At Planty, we believe in eating more plants – it’s good for you and it’s good for our planet. Our chefs prepare glorious 100% plant-based meals, which we then deliver to you.

One Planet Pizza

The UK’s first and leading frozen vegan pizza company. Disrupting the pizza sector by making delicious award winning “pizzzas with purpose” that are better for you, the planet and the animals we share the world with.

Mummy Meagz

Mummy Meagz

Mummy Meagz creates indulgent chocolate treats including a range of vegan Rockie Road bars and have recently launched the Chuckie Egg.


Delicious plant-based meal pots and high-protein vegan jerky. 100% plant-based snacks.

Native Snacks

Native Snacks

Native Snacks is on a mission to change snacking for good by creating plant-based alternatives to street food snack classics that are known and loved around the world.

Good Catch

Good Catch

Plant-based seafood. They’re disrupting the seafood category, not the ocean’s natural resources.



Vevolution creates inspiring events and multimedia content for the plant powered positive changemakers.


Andy and Pete make plant-based chicken and bacon which is ridiculously high in protein.