Funding ourplant-based future

Veg Capital provides early-stage capital to companies striving to replace the use of animals in the food system.

Where we invest

We are a specialist private venture fund that primarily provides early-stage Angel, Seed, and Series A funding, with investments typically ranging from £50,000 to £250,000. For the right opportunity we will consider larger investments.

Mighty Pea

Our focus

We invest primarily in companies developing meat, dairy, eggs and seafood replacements with plant-based, recombinant and cultivated ingredients. We also invest in technology platforms, innovations and distribution channels which help to build a scalable, affordable and tasty plant-based food system.

Mission driven

We believe that conventional animal agriculture is an inefficient, cruel and unsustainable food production system which is ready for innovation and large-scale disruption.

All profits made will be donated to effective UK and European charities that are raising awareness of farmed animal suffering and the environmental impact of animal agriculture, or are working to promote plant-based eating.

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