Should you send an Executive Summary to Veg Capital?

An executive summary is a one page description of your idea, product, team and business. It can be a useful additional tool alongside your pitch deck. It needs to be short, concise, well-written document and clearly identify how your business is helping to replace the use of animals in the food system. It is an opportunity to create a great first impression with our team.

We recommend that you work hard on the executive summary.  The more substance you can add to the document, the more we will think you’ve thought critically about your business. It is also a direct indication to us of your communication skills. Beware! We have grammar nerds on our team, and we think it matters, so we recommend making sure the executive summary (and pitch deck) has been professionally proofread.

It is important that you explain the problem you are solving and why it is helping to move the plant-based food space significantly in the right direction. Please let us know why your product is superior to anything out there in the market, both animal and plant-based. Explain why your team is best placed to solve the problem. Provide high-level financial data to show that you have aggressive but sensible expectations about how your business will perform over time and why this is a good investment for Veg Capital.

If you’re emailing us then we also recommend a short description of your company, with the executive summary attached, along with a link to your pitch deck (or the pitch deck can be attached). Please see our Pitch Guidance page for advice about creating a perfect pitch deck.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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