How to design your pitch deck

Before contacting Veg Capital we recommend you prepare a presentation (or pitch deck) to send to us, and potentially present to us face-to-face or via conference call.

We prefer a 10- to 15- slide presentation in Powerpoint (or similar format) consisting of a substantive overview of your business. This will provide the same information as the executive summary, but using a visual format which provides clear, simple, and compelling information.

‘Less is more’ is definitely preferred as we’re looking for a few key things to get us excited about the deal: the problem you are solving, the size of the opportunity, the strength of the team, the level of competition, or competitive advantage you have, your plan of attack and traction so far. We also like to see a summary of the financials, use of funds, and any milestones achieved.

You have one chance to impress so take time to ensure your presentation flows and looks professional. If you have a consumer-facing product where you’re going to be competing directly with established animal-based competitors, then well-designed and well-organised slides are more likely to get a positive response from our team. If you can’t create good-looking slides, then we’ll question whether you have a product that can compete.

If you do not have a graphic designer on the team, then we recommend you find a freelance designer who can turn your presentation into something visually appealing.

Remember – we are focused on investing in companies striving to replace the use of animals in the food system, so please ensure you highlight how your company is helping to solve this problem.

Please also check out our Pitch Guidance page for further detail. And, we recommend you also send an Executive Summary with your pitch deck.

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